Solid carbide ballnose endmill 2 flutes D3.00mm Universal

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Solid carbide universal ballnose endmill D3.00mm two flutes coated AlTiSiN DIN6535 HA More

Four flute solid carbide ballnose endmill  diameter 3.00mm Universal for milling of steel up to 55HRC. Cylindrical shank coated AlTiSiN for universal machining on cnc machines.

Category Milling
Type Ballnose
Diameter Dc(mm) 3
flutes 2
Length Standard
Series Universal
Coating AlTiSiN
Shank Cylindrical HA
Flute length Lc(mm) 10
Shank diameter D2(mm) 3
Overall length OAL(mm) 30
Application Magnetic soft steel HB<120 | <400N/mm2, Free cutting steel HB<200 | <700N/mm2, Carbon steel HB<250 | <850N/mm2, Alloyed steel HB<250 | <850N/mm2, Aluminium HB<100 | <350N/mm2, Aluminium alloys Sí<0,5% HB<150 | <500N/mm2, Thermoplastics <110N/mm2, Free machining stainless steel <850N/mm2, Austenitic stainless steel <850N/mm2, Lamellar grey cast iron <600N/mm2, Malleable cast iron <700N/mm2, Copper unalloyed <350N/mm2, Cooper alloys <700N/mm2, Brass <700N/mm2