Carbide tool resharpening Olomouc

Grinding and sharpening tools. Complete renovation of machining tools. High-quality sharpening of carbide tools thanks to modern five-axis grinders and advanced sophisticated measurement. We extend the life cycle of the tool, mainly thanks to a complete service that includes not only sharpening, but also rectification and coating, or polishing. Like production, sharpening takes place on highly precise and powerful Anca grinders.

We sharpen tools of our own production as well as tools of other manufacturers.

The delivery date for a complete renovation of the tool is the standard delivery date of one week from the receipt of the tools. In urgent cases, the delivery date is determined individually. We are able to deliver sharpened tools even the next day.

Pick-up and Drop-off service is the own collection service providing collections in the Czech Republic. You don't have to waste time, we will pick up the sharpening tools ourselves and then deliver the sharpened tools to you within the specified time.