New products


Tools for aerospace industry

Italian carbide endmills manufacturer Cerin launched a new products for aerospace industry. Program AEROSPACE offering complete tool range focused on multiple composite CFRP / titanium,  CFRP / aluminium, kevlar, glass fibre, nickel a high temperature allyos.


 CFRP milling Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer a GFRP Glass-fiber-reinforced polymer. Honeycomb panels milling. Roughing and finishing of nickel alloys, inconel. HSC aluminium milling high stock removal. High productive milling of low and high stell alloys-




CFRP endmills: 68DX | 68SX | 68TD | 68RDX | 68SU | 104PH. Advanced kevlar endmills: 419TD | 119P. Glass fibre endmills: 106FMG | 108FMG | 109FMG. Honeycomb milling: 77SUPD | 77SUPP | 77SUPL. Carbide manual drills for CFRP: 217. Kevlar drilling: 118. Drilling CFRP Ti/AL: 165C | 165ST. PCD endmills: PK62TDT | PK62TDR | PK66TD. Titanium milling: 641 - Nickel and high temperature, inconel milling: 642 | 642F -  Steel alloys milling: 640WVT | 620WR | 640WS. HSC high speed aluminium cutting: 303. Finishing endmills for aluminium 102TC/TCL | 102RC/RCL. Advanced ALU drilling. Steel and steel alloys drilling 178 3D-30xD.





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